Designing Your Own Book Cover: How to Select the Right Image

In Elements of a Book Cover that Sells, I talk about creating a cover that speaks directly to your audience by using the idea of a Single Story. In the following post, I expand on this idea by giving helpful tips on finding the base layer for your cover: the image.

Your image should convey the mood of your story. If you’ve written a fun-loving, silly, woman’s novel, your cover might be an illustration of a lady in heels with a pink background. If your book explores the story of a missing woman, it might have a dark background with a woman running away. If it’s a love story, readers will expect Continue reading


Guest Post by Diamante Lavendar: Write What You Know

The following post is written by Diamante Lavendar, author of Breaking The Silence and The Secrets of Yashire.

As an author, I am always looking for advice on how to hone my product: my writing. There are so many wonderful sites out there that have oodles of information from creating to publishing that at times it can almost be overwhelming. Where to begin? What to do? The internet is a sea of knowledge which is both helpful and at times confusing. The best advice I can Continue reading

Book Cover Redesign Contest – May Cover Reveal

Each month I run a contest for a FREE re-designed cover for self-published authors. This contest is for authors who have a current book in print (or ebook), but are unhappy with the existing cover or the book’s sales have become stagnant. Costs can be prohibitive when indie authors are publishing their first title, and they can end up cutting corner’s which hurts sales in the long run. On my website, I have pre-made ebook covers for authors on a budget. I also wanted to provide something unique for authors who are unable to hire a cover designer, but whose titles still deserve to be beautifully wrapped.

This month’s winner is Continue reading

New pre-made eBook Covers

I have just completed the redesign for Paulina Lubas’ novel, Never Free. While I am preparing a cover reveal, I have some new covers for you to check out!

As always, if you purchase a Createspace Wrap for print-on-demand ($75), I will include the eBook cover for free. Check out all the services I offer as well as the selection of covers. Oh yeah, and sign up to follow and receive the newest covers directly to you.

New Covers Click Here

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Designing Your Own Book Cover: Elements of a Cover that Sells

As an indie author, you’ve probably read about the differences between traditional publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing. Some of you may have chosen to self-publish for the advantages it brings over traditional publishing: higher royalties, creative control, faster time to market, global rights retention, and more. Or you may have chosen to self-publish after rounds of unsuccessful queries. Either way, all indie authors need to understand the Elements of a Cover that Sells before finalizing their design and clicking that sweet button on Amazon that allows you to say Continue reading